Pay Per Click Adverstising

What is Pay per click?

It increases significant traffic to your website through paid search engine advertising.

Why Pay per click (PPC)?

•    Take benefit of present demand for your product and services.

•    Pay only for significant traffic: days of the week, hours - of –day, limit by geography, keyword, etc

•    Reduction in number of dead leads due to well-written ad

 Our PPC process

Discovery: We do the complete study of client business, industry, competitors, and website. To provide detail documentation which is are used as Bible throughout the campaign.

Strategy: Our second step is drafting extensive project plan and PPC strategy that gives a clear picture of business objective and deliverables.

Campaign setup and landing page creation: From our strategy, we create or edit existing campaign. Also, landing pages are created, edited and implemented for new campaign as per our strategy. 

Optimize: On the regular basis we monitor and modify campaigns based on the performance of ad copy, keywords, and landing pages.

Analysis and reporting: We do regular analysis of campaigns and provide reports to the client at regular intervals.


Edyoucatives PPC agency involves.

•    Demographic Bidding

•    Conversion tracking

•    Wise bid management

•    A-B testing.

•    Competitor analysis

•    Market trend analysis

•    Ad modification

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