Social Media Optimization

It means to absorb and create your audience across the web with social media marketing.

Why Social media optimization (SMO)?

  •     Object influencers in your niche
  •     Rise in word of mouth referrals
  •     Position you on top of conversation about your industry and company.
  •    Give your visitors opportunity to contribute content which keeps them engaged.
  •     Put human face on a company.


Our SMO process?

Discovery: In this step, we create document mentioning all stages of the project from study done the on client business, social presence, competitor, and website.

Strategy: In this steps, all strategy are drafted to have clear view of deliverables and measurable goals

Execution: In this step, campaign is executed as per the strategy.

Analysis and reporting: We do regular analysis of the campaign and adjust them as per the need. A client is provided with performance report on the regular basis.


Edyoucative SMO involves.

  •     Community engagement
  •     Creating compelling content
  •     Instagram Monitoring
  •     Linkedin Monitoring
  •     YouTube Monitoring
  •     Reputation Monitoring
  •     Auto Facebook Moderating
  •     Google Plus Monitoring

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